bdUnit.Preview Demo

I have been working on a few new features over the past couple of evenings (and early mornings!) and I’ve made a short demo video of the current state of the preview app.

The video runs through the following features:

  • Input syntax highlighting
  • Tests generated in nUnit, xUnit and MbUnit
  • Parsing error handling and reporting within the app
  • Error highlighted within input text
  • Clickable error links to position in input text

I was aiming to get at least some of the cool features from Intellipad but with an ‘end-to-end’ preview rather than the tree-preview/mgraph view offered by Intellipad. I took this approach from the MGrammar Xaml sample produced by SpankyJ.

I am now going to concentrate on extending the MGrammar at the heart of the project and hope to have an update on this within a week or so.